Lab Mix

Why Would I Want To Get A Labrador Retriever Mix?

At first getting a mixed dog may not seem like a good idea, but in some cases mixed breeds can work out very well and you can gain the benefits of both breeds in one dog.  One mix that consistently works out well for its owners is the Labrador retriever mix.  These two breeds compliment each other very well and a Labrador retriever mix is often a very sought after dog.   Now you never will be able to win the Westminster Dog Show, but if you are looking for family pet that will be loyal to the end, then the Labrador retriever mix may be what you are looking for.

Qualities Of A Labrador Retriever Mix

While all dogs have their own unique characteristics, there are usually some that will almost always be found within a breed.  Beagles almost always have a ton of energy, hounds are usually much more laid back, and the list goes on.  The same thing can be said for a Labrador retriever mix.

Labrador Retriver – Golden Retriver Mix

The first you will almost always find in a Labrador retriever mix is a great intelligence.  Labradors are one of the smartest dog breeds around, and golden retrievers are even smarter.  Consistently retrievers will rank very high in intelligence exams, so this mix generally will also be extremely intelligent.  This can be both a boon and hindrance.  If you are looking for a very smart dog than the lab chow mix will most certainly fall into that category.  If you are looking for a dog that is not as smart and perhaps a bit less curious, then maybe you should not look at this combination.

Lab Chow Mix

A second quality that is very predictable in a Labrador retriever mix that is usually very predictable is their temperament.  Unlike other like a lab chow mix, you can expect the temperament of a Labrador retriever mix will almost always be very mild and attentive.  Lab chows can be extremely unpredictable; with some being like their lab parents and being very mild, will others can be extremely hostile and uncontrollable.

There are many other features of the mixing of these two breeds that make them desirable.  There size will generally be predictable as both dogs are of similar stature.  Coloration and shape will also be predictable, especially between a retriever and a yellow lab.  If both these dogs have qualities you like, then you may want to consider looking at a Labrador retriever mix.

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