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The Doggone Cream Of The Labrador Breeder Crop

Just about everyone loves dogs, and even more people love puppies.  They are playful and cute, and it is hard to not smile when watching a puppy fall all over itself trying to get a ball. Self-proclaimed “cat people” cannot resist cooing at the puppies in the pet store window, or giving a good natured dog a pat on the head in the park. Dogs just seem to have a warm of softening the majority of people.

Dogs are one of the most requested (and begged for) pets by children all over the country and the world. It is not surprising that the business of breeding is so lucrative.  Every different dog breed has its selling points for those looking for a good pet.  The more common and popular demand for almost any breeder is the Labrador retriever. Their general happy disposition and even their size make these dogs very attractive for a family wanting that All-American pet.

Finding A Top Dog Labrador Breeder

After careful research and consideration, you have decided on the breed of dog you want.  The next step in locating the newest addition to your family is to find a good yellow, black or chocolate Lab breeder.  This is not always easy to do, as there are many bad apple Labrador breeders out there who care more about the green backs than the little yellow, chocolate, and black backs running around their feet.

A very good sign of a high quality Labrador breeder is how much time they take finding out about you.  Any breeder that really cares about their pups is not going to sell one to just any person, regardless of how much money is involved. You may be asked to fill out an application, and meet with the Labrador breeders themselves one or twice before ever seeing the puppies. This is a good thing – you want someone who cares that much about their dogs.  This can help assure you that you are not getting a poorly bred puppy.

Choose A Certified Labrador Retriver breeder

Another plus for a Labrador breeder is whether or not they are certified through the American Kennel Association.  This is one club who does not endorse just anyone.  You might also check with local dog kennels and veterinarians to find out who they might recommend. This can actually work both ways in finding the best for your puppy; when you are choosing a puppy, ask the breeder what vet office they use.

Just as you researched what kind of dog you wanted, it is a good idea to research which Labrador breeder you will buy from.  For what you are spending in time and money for your little pup, you deserve to have the best.

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