www.dogbadge.com is a part of the company Dog Security Sweden AB and is located in Malmoe in the south of Sweden in Scandinavia. Dog Security Sweden AB is a small company developing and manufacturing dog training items which are sold to pros, pet shops, dog training clubs, police, security and military.

Dog Security have invented many dog training products and have both Swedish and international patent and pattern registrations. We manufacture some of the best training equipment’s in the world. As an example, worlds strongest leather leads are manufactured here in Malmoe, Sweden. We are the main supplier for the Swedish police, Swedish military and the Security companies, as well as the best club people. Worlds best working dog of all times, the Swedish German Shepherd “Silverpilens Arko” (se Guinness book of records) use our equipment. And it is no sponsoring!

The beautiful embroidered Dog Badges is very popular worldwide. This is why we have developed this site, so everybody can order for a nice price and get the deliveries as a letter by mail.

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Dog Security Sweden AB
1S-211 24 Malmoe
Box 50221
S-202 12 Malmoe
+46 40 187418
+46 40 183025
421 90 34-8

Picture of the Hovawart dog badge.

Sales Conditions
Handling fee of US $ 2 is added if you buy 1 dog badge only. From 2 dog badges, there is no extra fee what so ever. Handling, freight etc., all is included in the price.

All dog badges are to be paid online by credit card or in advance after your choice. We do not accept payment fee charged on us. If you want to pay with a check and additional US $ 10 must be added as it is the Swedish bank fee for cashing a foreign check.

Retailers and wholesalers payment can be done to our postal giro or our bank account after your choice:

Postal Giro
Please effect payment via Eurogiro or SWIFT to our account number 421 90 34-8 with Postgirot bank AB (publ), S-105 06, Stockholm, Sweden. SWIFT address: PGSI SESS.

Bank Account
Please effect payment via SWIFT through Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB), Malmoe, Sweden.

Bank account number: 5512 10 058 57.

Payment fee has to be paid by the customer.

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