Iron-on: Size approx. 7 x 5 cm in quality embroidery. Very detailed embroidery.
Very fine badges, even more attractive than their illustrations.

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A1 2010 German Shepherd, whole dog
A2 2011 German Shepherd, head
A3 2020 Rottweiler, whole dog
A4 2021 Rottweiler, head with text
A5 2022 Rottweiler, head
A6 2030 Tervueren
B1 2040 Cocker Spaniel, black
B2 2041 Cocker Spaniel, gold
B3 2050 Drever, whole dog
B4 2060 Pointer, head
B5 2070 Great Dane
B6 2080 Great Swiss Mountain Dog
C1 2090 Border Collie
C2 2100 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
C3 2110 Golden Retriever
C4 2121 Newfoundland
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C5 2131 Poodle, white
C6 2141 Labrador
D1 2150 Boxer
D2 2170 Pug
D3 2180 Collie
D4 2190 Doberman, cropped ears
D5 2190 Doberman, hanging ears
D6 2201 Siberian Husky
E1 2211 Berner Sennen
E2 2095 Cat, Perser
E3 2097 Cat, Short hair
E4 2084 Horse, fux
E5 2082 Horse, black
E6 2261 Malinios
F1 2271 Hovawart, black and tan

Price in USD: 6:00

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Instructions: Soak the badge in water for 2-3 minutes. Put the iron on a cotton setting. Place the badge in position. Put a thin ironing cloth on top. Press hard for about 30 seconds. Allow to cool for about 20 seconds. Press again for 20 seconds while smoothing the iron over the badge. Note: Cannot be attached directly to nylon clothing.

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