Get a blast of the wild west of the past with sheriff badges

If you are a huge fan of western movies and their culture, and have loved the way old-time sheriffs used to gun down outlaws, then you can now convert that passion into an art collection of badges even as you get a blast of the wild west of the past with sheriff badges. These badges will give you the same feeling of pride that the sheriffs in the past had when they protected their towns against bandits, thieves and outlaws.

While badges for sheriffs in the good old days were made of various metals including silver and gold, you can also locate embroidered badges made out of woven cloth that can be proudly affixed on to your clothing. If you plan to turn into a badge collector then finding old and rare metal badges could turn your hobby into a very costly one. However, until you build up enough capital to buy genuine antique badges worn by actual sheriffs in those wild old days, you can easily boost your passion for badges by collecting various embroidery badges that can be sourced over the internet.

These sew patches or iron on badges are usually available with features such as the all-important star in the background along with the word “Sheriff” inscribed in the foreground. You can also locate plain star sheriff badges with just an intricately woven star that can be worn with pride or collected in various colors, shapes, sizes and finishes. If you want to wear a sheriff’s badge to a costume party then all you need is a couple of minutes to iron on the badge on to your t-shirt or jacket or even your cap provided they are not made out of nylon cloth. If you want to affix the acclaimed star on nylon then you will need a few more minutes to remove the glue from the embroidery patch before sewing it on.

If you also have your best four-legged friend by your side in the shape of a german shepherd dog or pug, boxer, labrador, golden retriever, or any other dog breed then you can just as easily provide a matching badge to your dog too. All you need to do is to simply iron on or sew dog badges that feature the sheriff’s star on to your dog clothing including the dog t-shirt, dog cap or dog vest. You can also arrange a party with a sheriff theme and bake up sheriff star shaped cookies for your guests as well as for their furry pets too. This will help you to meet like-minded friends and you could use the party as a means to display your badge collection as well as exchange a few badges to increase the range of your collection.

If you have been mystified by the Wild West then you can surely recreate a part of those olden times by embarking on a badge collection that features badges similar to or actually worn by those old-time sheriffs. In addition to collecting and wearing metal badges on your clothing you can also order for smartly embroidered cloth badges that can be affixed on your clothes as well as on your pet dog’s clothes too. Once you start collecting such badges you are sure to have a blast of the wild west of the past with sheriff badges adorning your clothes and those of your pet too.