Turn into a dog badge collector to turn your hobby into a lifelong passion

If you are an avid dog lover that loves to collect dog badges then you can now turn into a dog badge collector to turn your hobby into a lifelong passion. You can collect a wide range of iron on badges or sew patches and keep on increasing your collection by adding on new and rare badge collectibles to your expanding collection.

There are several dog badges patches manufacturers that produce detailed badges or patches that can easily be transferred on to all types of cloth except nylon where it needs to be sewed instead of ironed. If you are a dog lover then you would have certainly spoiled your dog by buying various types of dog clothes, dog collars, dog bones, etc. However, you too can enjoy owning your dog by indulging yourself in a new hobby that involves collecting various types of dog badges or dog patches.

These badges are available in the form of embroidered badges or iron on badges. You can search for these badges with a breed-wise search so as to locate an embroidered badge of a german shepherd dog, cocker spaniel, great dane, golden retriever, Labrador, Doberman, pug, or any other type of breed that you desire. These cloth badges are available in various sizes that are usually around 7cms by 5cms in size. You can locate these badges easily in select online stores that offer high-quality products with deliveries right to your doorstep.

Once you collect and even use a few of these dog badges on shirts, t shirts, or aprons then you can think about turning into a badge collector by seeking out unique, rare, or antique badges. The key is to learn to identify truly genuine rare badges since there are a few unscrupulous dealers that might try to dump counterfeit collectors badges at very high rates. If possible, you should enlist the help of an expert collector and also learn all about their collection before you embark on creating your own rare collection of dog badges.

Every badge manufacturer anyway has its own unique style of creating badges. Each badge is thus a custom badge although you will need to find unique badges that are not manufactured in large numbers or even bizarre designs to form part of your badge collection. You can also exchange specific badges with other dog lovers as you embark on expanding your collection with wonderful new badges. There are select online stores that will also create badges of your own dog or dogs so that you can add them to your exclusive collection. Hand-made embroidered badges and patches are quite rare and you can include such badges in your collection provided you can locate and afford such artistic creations.

In addition to caring for your best four-legged friends you can also kick-off a new hobby of collecting dog badges and patches. Over time, your collection can include rare or antique pieces so as to get bragging rights when you meet like-minded collectors or simply add them to sustain your passion of collecting such badges. You can certainly take your hobby of collecting dog badges to another level by turning into an enthusiastic badge collector over time.