Labrador Dog

Labrador Dog: Affectionate And A Great Companion Dog

Most people keep a pet dog for the companionship that their pets provide and if this is the case with you too then you should consider keeping a Labrador dog for a pet. You will of course need to choose between the American type and the English type of Labrador – each of which has its own special traits. For example, an English Labrador dog is known to be heavier and bulkier than his American cousin who is thinner as well as taller.

Unique Gray Labradors

There are also a few rare gray and silver colored Labradors that actually get their unique coloring as a result of having been cross bred, though this fact is hotly disputed by those who know dog breeds very well. One thing that sets the Labrador dog apart from other breeds is the fact that he makes an ideal companion and this breed is also well known for its lovable nature and the Labrador is also very affectionate towards children and towards adults. He is also a very intelligent breed as well.

The Labrador dog is also sometimes also called the St. John’s Dog and he has, in bygone eras, helped fishermen out at sea. He could jump overboard and help the fishermen as they laid their nets and this trait makes the Labrador dog easy to train otherwise as well. In fact, he is also used in detecting drugs and is used to help blind people as well as the disabled.

Labrador dog size

Typically, a Labrador dog grows to about two feet (males) and a few inches less (females) and he will weigh between sixty to seventy-five pounds (males) while females tend to weigh between fifty-five to seventy pounds. It is however not recommended keeping them in small-sized apartments as they need plenty of space to move about freely.

A Labrador dog is also known to be very energetic and this means that he must be given a lot of exercise and though they can exist in small confinements, they tend to thrive when kept in a house with plenty of space. If you are looking for a great family dog, look no further than a Labrador Retriever dog that is famous of his intelligence and friendly nature.

The bottom line is that a Labrador dog is very loveable and possesses a good nature; to get the best out of him, you need to train him when he is young, and he should also not lack for human affection and attention.

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