How to make and stock embroidered patches

One of the best ways to make sure that you always can go on a home improvement project without spending too much is when you stock embroidered patches. Embroidered patches are a great way to add some character to your existing upholstery, bags, clothes or hats. The options to add a new life to your existing piece of fabric are limitless. The best thing is that you can easily make these embroidered patches yourself. Getting creative is all that you will need to do.

To start making your embroidery patches you will have to first decide on the design. Once you have the design or pattern in mind then you can make these patches easily. These patches can be as big or as small as you please. Once you have finalized the design you should translate that design on to paper. You can easily trace the design from prints or books if you want or can make a pattern from your imagination. When you draw the design on paper make sure that you color the entire design in the colors that you want for you embroidered patch. This will give you a clear idea of how your patch is going to look.

Once you have completed this step take the paper drawing and trace the same on the cloth on which you want to make the patch. Make sure that the cloth that you choose can take the weight of the embroidery and that the background of the cloth is of the same color as the background of the patch that you want. On completing this step you will need to add some backing paper to your cloth to make sure that your embroidery comes out flat and uniform. You can source these backing sheets easily from the store where you will be purchasing your embroidery supplies from. Now fix the embroidery hoop making sure that the design is right in the center of the hoop. This will make sure that you can embroider easily without worrying about missed stitches and broken needles.

Once you have finished embroidering your patch you will need to remove the hoop and carefully tear away your backing paper. Now carefully cut the patch out using embroidery scissors. Always make sure that you leave some margin while cutting the patch out from the cloth. Once you have done this you need to cut the patch to the design removing all traces of the additional seam fabric while making sure that you don’t cut the embroidered area.

You can stock embroidered patches easily and have then ready for your use. You can either stitch these patches on or can have an iron on adhesive glue to the back. You can get these adhesive backs at any good embroidery store. Take the iron on adhesive patch and cut it to the same size as your patch. Place your patch on an ironing board face down and put the iron on adhesive glue side down on the patch. Use your iron on a low setting and iron over the patch. Now all you will need to do is peel the back of the paper protecting the adhesive when you want to use your patch and stick it.